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2020 Color Challenges

2020 Color Challenges

This is the group for the 2020 Color Challenges


Looking Good Rover

thank you for posting it for me Patty

This is the April color challenge stitched by Rover. Sorry for the delay in posting. She emailed it to me May 31 and I am just getting to it. Thank...


DO NOT add Edge without checking it out carefully. Rereading that email I think it might have come because of my lap top having Edge on it. When I...

Ah - that explains it I think....

It you are using Win 7 with IE 11 it will not work. However... I got an email today from Microsoft that the New Edge will work with Win 7. I did a...

Rover posted a new discussion2 months ago

trying again

2020 Color Challenges

OK I tried to add the photo , but it did not work

Rover posted a new discussion2 months ago

April colour challenge

I have completed one of the challenges !

2020 Color Challenges
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