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Village Home Series Designer Info

The Village Home series will be an opportunity to spotlight the creativity of needlework designers. The designs will be a personal representation of you and/or your company.

The design will be based on the concept “My home in the Village would …”. These will not need to have a “house” in the design. You will include a personal statement to be printed in the chart which will give your creative concept.

Example: the design shows a house next to water – “My Village Home would have the sounds of the sea which I find so relaxing”.

Example: the design is of colorful leaves – “My Village Home would be nestled in a wood surrounded by the colors of Autumn”.

Example: the design depicts a Victorian style house – “My Village Home would be a sprawling Victorian house with a large parlor for my stitching friends to gather”.

Hopefully, this is specific enough to encourage a cohesive group of designs and abstract enough to allow for your creative process. The overall design size will need to be 112 x 112 stitches to be 8” on 28/14 and 7” on 32/16 count fabric.

You will be contacted with complete details once the form is submitted.

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