#8 Happy House


#8 in the Village Home Series is "Happy House" by Beth Seal of Summer House Stitche Workes.  "My Village Home is the happy house that when you walk by, you want to come in and visit for awhile, and of course, stitch!"

I show you the framed and unframed versions of this one because I really can not decide.  When framing stitched pieces, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect frame or mat and frame.  If you see this framed, in person, you can see that the frame accentuates the gold of the flowers in the top and bottom borders very nicely.  When the frame is in the photos, however, it gives too much of the yellow and I don't really like it.  I may need to go back to the framer with that one or photoshop, maybe.  It was a great one to stitch.  I have #9 framed and #10 almost stitched!


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