I planted this tree a number of years ago and have never seen it bloom.  At first I thought it might take a year or so to mature.  I finally see blooms on it this year and realize I had not been keeping an eye out early enough.  Anyway, I think it is early for this to bloom.  I know it is has been warm this year.  Maybe the blooms have frozen in the past.  It is a bit like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, right?  Kinda pitiful with it's few, scattered blooms.  I put the close-up of the flower so that I might find someone who can identify it.  I believe it to be a star magnolia tree, but am not sure.

Spring is bitter-sweet for me this year after the loss of my younger sister to a violent act of homicide.  She loved to see the birds and I have put out extra feeders in my back yard so that I can be reminded of her when I see the birds feeding there. 

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