Nashville Market 2015

The Nashville needlework wholesale market has been in existence for many years. It has changed management at least two times and this year was hosted by Yarn Tree. Yarn Tree is a wholesale distributor of needlework products and also produces a wholesale magazine for new products and goes out to needlework shops. I have attended the Nashville market several times, since taking over The Stitchers’ Village, as an attendee to talk with designers and purchase new items for prizes on the Village. I have also accompanied Marilyn, from Picture This Plus, as an assistant. I feel I need to explain that I have never been an employee of PTP, but have known Marilyn since my days on the farm when we were neighbors and our children were small (our children are now parents).

I ventured to the show solo.  This is "venturous" for me because I am not the most outgoing person.  I have been working on this character trait, however, and have made great progress. I also knew that my good friends, Cheryl (Glendon Place) and Jean (Brick City Cross Stitch) would allow me to hang with them during the show.  For my personality, this was a factor that helped my confidence level over the weekend.

At these shows, the creativity is awe inspiring.  It is impossible to show everything thing I saw during the weekend and I hope that you will forgive me for this lapse.  You may, however, want to check the shops of TSV to see what they brought back from the market weekend.  I ran in to Sally from Salty Yarns, so I know she will have some of the wonderful new items found there.  If you have attended one of the retail shows, such as those held in Hershey in the past, you will understand how difficult it is to see all there is to see.  I did post a very few on The Stitchers' Village Facebook page once I figured out how to do that on my Ipad mini.  Here are a few of the new items I saw:


"Every Bunny Needs Some Bunny" Limited Edition Kit from Glendon Place


"Autumn Spendor" from Lindsay Lane Designs


"Bluebird Cottage" kit from Bent Creek

American Coast scan

"American Coast" from Chessie and Me

I also taught a class during the show and this increased my nervous tension.  I was told by one of my "students" that I did a very good job, however, so that helped tremendously.

The best thing is to visit with old friends, meet new friends, and brain-storm ideas.  I did have the pleasure of sharing a meal with Jo, Kathy and Lori (Dinky Dyes), Jean (Brick City Cross Stitch) and Cheryl (Glendon Place).  It was a great treat!


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