Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Stitchers' Village?

The Stitchers' Village (TSV) is a supportive global NeedleArts community which aims to bring together retailers, designers and the general stitching public in a safe, secure place and provide a venue for the stitching community to gather, learn and discover.

How do I move around The Stitchers' Village?

To move from The Village Green, which is the home page of TSV, to another area, hover your mouse over the part of the Village you would like to go to and click. You will be taken to that building. To return to The Village Green, click on the 'Home' link in the information bar across the top of your computer screen.

Is there a charge to join The Stitchers' Village?

No, there is no charge to become a member of TSV. Just as you would look around a real village, you may roam around TSV and enjoy the various free aspects such as the Library, The Gallery and the Forums. You can also receive a free subscription to The Stitchers' Voice, our Village newsletter. You must be a member of TSV to win any of the competitions within the Village or in the Village Newsletter. What does cost money is the attendance of classes and special events in the Village.

How do I become a member of The Stitchers' Village?

To become a member of TSV, just complete and submit the membership form. All fields must be completed. This will add you to our mailing list for notices which are typically, twice a month.

Why do you need so much information from me?

We ask for this information in order to provide you with the most efficient and enhanced services possible. We will be able to create reports showing the demographics of members of TSV in an effort to support members more efficiently. We will use your e-mail address to send you notices about changes to the site, when the 'Stitchers' Voice' is available for download, keep you updated on class information, and special promotions and general news about TSV. We will keep all the information you provide completely confidential and will not release your e-mail address or other contact information to any other party.

How do I change my membership information?

If your membership information changes, just send us an email. Let us know your name and email address and any information that has changed.

Tea Shoppe - TSV Social Area

The Tea Shoppe is the link to the TSV Social Area. This is available to all members of TSV but admission is only granted to members who go through a password protected sign-up procedure and agree to the Terms of Use Agreement. There are forums where all members can read and post under a variety of topics and get information on games and classes. There are groups which you may join which are dedicated to needlework topics. There is a chat room for visiting in live text chats and this is where some of the games are held as well as designer hosted chats.  Please remember that members who are in the social area are listed in the chat but are not necessarily viewing the chat.  So, if you post and receive no reply, remember that those members listed may be in another area posting to a discussion or group.  It does not mean they are ignoring you.  There are moderators who help to maintain a friendly environment.

How Do I Change My Password

Sign in to the site, go to "My Profile" and scroll down to where you see "Edit" underneath "Your Profile Page".  Hover over "Edit" and then select "Update Your Profile".  Underneath "Edit Your Details" there are several choices.  Select "Contact Info", scroll down, and you will see the option to change your password.

How can I get a TSV Logo?

All Village vendors, Designers who teach classes, and general members of TSV may download a logo that signifies their participation in TSV. There are Retail Member logos, Teacher logos and General Member logos. These logos may be used on the website or blogs of participating members.

How do I lease a store?

To learn more about leasing a store, please fill out the Store Information Request (Click for Form)

How do I teach a class?

The Administration of TSV welcomes applications from qualified designers to teach classes in TSV. To learn more about teaching a class, please fill out the Teacher/Designer Request Form (Click for Form)

How do I sign up for a class?

The link to sign up for a class is on the information page of each individual class. When you 'click' on the buy it now link, you will receive an invoice to pay for the class you wish to take. When your payment has been received by TSV administration, you will be sent all the information you'll need to participate in your chosen class. Please be aware that some methods of payment that PayPal accepts take several days to clear. An e-mail will be sent to you when your payment has cleared.

What payment methods are accepted at The Stitchers' Village?

Payments may be made by credit card or PayPal. All credit card transactions will be processed by the secure PayPal system. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to pay by credit card and there will be an option to pay by credit card (if you aren't a member) on all invoices. If for some reason you have a problem accessing the PayPal system for payment, please contact TSV administration.

How do I shop at the Village stores?

To shop at the Village stores, hover your mouse over a block of stores and click. You will see a listing of all the stores that have shops in that block and you can click on the name of any of those stores.

What is The Gallery?

The Gallery hosts a list of designer links and blogs.  If you are a designer and wish to be included, please submit your information by filling out the form CLICK HERE

What is The Member Gallery?

The Gallery hosts a list of member blogs.  For information on adding your blog, please submit your information by filling out the form CLICK HERE.

How does The Library operate?

Just as a normal library holds resource material, the Library at TSV holds information and resources related to Stitching. All material in TSV is free to download but we request you do not forward the information to friends. Instead, please send the TSV url - www.stitchersvillage.com to friends so they can experience for themselves what TSV and the Library have to offer. We will continue adding resources to the Library and we welcome donations from members.

What is The Stitchers' Voice?

The Stitchers' Voice is the free newsletter for members of TSV. It will contain information about TSV, special events, profiles of designers and store owners and perhaps some advertising. All members of TSV will be notified each time a new newsletter is ready for download, so make sure we have your current e-mail address. We request that you don't forward The Stitchers' Voice to friends but instead direct them to TSV so they too can become members and experience all TSV has to offer.

How can I contribute to The Stitchers' Voice?

If you have an article or information that you feel might be of interest to other stitchers, or other suggestions for submissions to The Stitchers' Voice, please submit your information by filling out this form CLICK HERE.

Where do I sign up to receive the newsletter?

All members of TSV will automatically receive a notice when a new issue of The Stitchers' Voice, our Village newsletter, is ready for download. If you wish to receive this notice, it is important that we have your current e-mail address. If you aren't yet a member of TSV, you can apply here.

How do I join in the special events hosted by TSV?

All special events hosted by TSV will be advertised in The Stitchers' Voice, the social area, and on the Special Notices page which can be found by following the Special Notices link on the toolbar at the top of your computer screen. Some special events hosted by TSV will be free to anyone who wishes to participate and other events will require a prepayment to participate. All the relevant information will be provided for some time prior to the events taking place.

If I have a problem related to TSV, who should I contact?

If you encounter a problem with any aspect of TSV, or have an issue or complaint with any Store or Designer member of TSV, we ask that you contact TSV Administration right away with your concerns. DO NOT complain to others or in any forums about the situation. The Administration of TSV will endeavour to rectify any problems you may have but you need to contact us right away so we can address the issue.

Privacy Issues

When visitors apply to become a member of TSV, we ask you to fill out an application form. This form contains your name, address and contact information. We will not disclose any of this information to any other party. Please be aware that if you voluntarily disclose information online, personal or otherwise, in any Forum on TSV, this information can be collected and used by others. We strongly advise that you DO NOT post any personal information on any forum on TSV.

Copyright Issues

All images of TSV are copyrighted and may not be copied or shared.

Copyright infringement is a serious issue and all members of TSV are required to respect the copyright of TSV Administration and of those stores and designers who post images and teach classes at TSV. Members who infringe on the copyright of TSV, or Stores and Designers associated with TSV will be banned from taking part in the forum and all other activities hosted at TSV.

To educate yourself about the Copyright Issue, we recommend you visit the Dragon Dreams website and read the information Jennifer has posted.

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