The Nashville needlwork market is this weekend.  This is always an exciting time.  Seeing everyone and the new products makes for a great time.  I will be teaching two classes on the Collective Stitch cross stitch event.  I have three designs to offer new shops to the event who attend my class.  Mani di Donna, Rosewood Manor, and Tempting Tangles have all submitted designs.  Winter is the theme for 2018.  I am also offering an advance copy of my latest design "Bramble".  I have done something that has been floating around my idea board for quite a while.  The design is accompanied by a short story which coordinates with the design.  I have a couple of custom graphics from Debbie Hughes of Hughes Illlustration to enhance the publication.  I had fun with this idea.  I hope it is well received.  


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The re-designed Village is still under construction.  Official launch is February 1, 2018.  I am busy adding the shop and designer information and restoring links.  The new social area is being tested and corrected and will be better than ever!  Back to work for me!!

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I hope you enjoy the return of The Stitchers' Village home page!!  I have had so many requests and I have finally taken the task on to restore the Village to the original concept.  There are a number of places to visit.  Please visit the sponsor shops when buying your supplies and tell them you found them on The Stitchers' Village.  These fine shops help to keep the Village possible.  Another key support of The Stitchers' Village is the Fabric Orphanage.  The building to the left of the Newspaper Office is the link to these OOAK fabric pieces from Picture This Plus.  The adoptees are always changing, so keep an eye out for the perfect addition to your fabric stash.  As always, the Newspaper Office is the link to the most recent newsletter as well as the archives of past editions.  The Gallery building to the left of the Newspaper Office is your link to needlework Designer Studios.  The building to the left of the Fabric Orphanage is the Library where you will find needlework resources.  The building behind the Library is the Member Gallery where you can find a list of member blogs.  The pink building is the Tea Shoppe which is the link to the TSV Community Social Area.  This is the only password protected area of The Stitchers' Village and does require registration.  Watch for the center area of the shop square to turn to a link for a seasonal activity page from time to time!  The building behind the Newspaper Office is the link to the Village Stitcher Blog.  Enjoy!

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