Celtic Mist


For quite some time, TSV has had the exclusivity for Picture This Plus fabric "orphans" - dye batches that did not come out as the color intended and are not a part of the color line.  This has come to an end with some changes in the retail side of PTP, but I do still have some on hand and will be offering them as time allows.  Among the fabric orphans I have are a batch that I saved for a special project and have now made use of.  "Celtic Mist" will be a Limited Edition Kit available in the next few weeks (waiting on threads and possible embellishments).  The picture above is the "fresh off of the q-snap" image and I am considering some embellishments.  So, the final cost of the kit has yet to be determined and these will be very few in number.  I might also add that the design used for the kit is being released this month as "Helix" with completely different coloring.  I have mentioned, before, that it is really hard to make decisions on fabric and thread and overall color when preparing a design.  Eventually, a decision must be made.  This LE kit allows me to get around that limitation, just a little bit!!  

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2019 Collective Stitch


The 2019 Collective Stitch cross stitch event began on June 1 and runs through August 31.  Event shops will have a different cross stitch chart for visitors during the event.  Sponsors are Just Cross Stitch magazine who will be awarding 3 subscriptions and Sulky of America who will be awarding one full set of cotton petites threads and two half sets in drawings at the close of the event.  These drawings will be random and winners will be notified through the information provided on the drawing entry form.  To enter, you must visit at least one of the event shops and have the drawing code which is unique to each shop and found on the chart.  Here is a list of event shops grouped by state.


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IMG 0410  Village WelcomewmedallionSM

With so many beautiful fabrics and threads available for stitching, it can be a challenge to make a decision when creating new designs.  While looking for a chart yesterday, I found the stitched piece on the left of the medallion chart I included with "Village Welcome" a Stitchers' Village Design release a few years ago.  I chose to re-stitch it in a monotone version, for some reason.  I also left off the rainbow border - apparently, because it would not, quite, be the same.    

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