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I was awake in the wee hours one night trying to come up with a way to improve the bingo games we have had on The Stitchers' Village in chat.  I then started thinking of an idea for a mystery stitch.  There is something to be said for the thinking process in the middle of the night.  TSV will be hosting a new activity starting July 5.  The Mystery Stitch Bingo will run for 25 days.  The chart will be divided into 25 squares.  Each square will be assigned a number to imitate with a bingo card.  On the first day of the activity, the middle "Free" space will be posted.  for the next 24 days, a random square will be posted.  After the last square has been posted, the first person to post a picture of the stitched piece will win the grand prize.  Anyone who posts a picture of any stitched portion of the project in the 5 days following the posting of the last square will be put into a drawing for some additional prizes.  The charts will be 100w x 100h (generally) and the daily posting charts will only be 20x20.  This should make it easy to catch up if you miss a day here and there.  I hope we all have a great time with this. 

I will admit that, when I started working on the design, the idea of the 20 x 20 squares was stuck in my head.  I ended up with a spot sampler called "Summer Garden".  The "water feature" that is in the center is shown here.


When I redid the site at the beginning of 2018, our membership in the social area dropped and I am working to get it built back up.  The community is a great place to interact with your fellow stitchers!!

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