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The reconstruction of The Stitchers' Village site has been a much bigger project that anticipated.  I do have the layout so that it is consistent for the various portions of the site (resource library, designer studios, shops, and community) but am still adding content.  I realize the change is difficulf for some users.  I hope that this will be the final incarnation of TSV.  For my part, I have restored the clickable home page while utilizing the current software for web construction.  That has changed so much since the beginning of TSV that it is hard to believe.  It is also difficult to keep up with the changes.  The main issues from here on are that updates can sometimes cause disasters.  I learned that this past Thursday.  I had just completed the individual charts for the Collective Stitch.  I was preparing to upload my files (as recommended by my nephew who just graduated with an IT degree) when I got a message that the windows update needed to restart my computer.  Well, I thought, let me get that out of the way before beginning the upload.  WRONG CHOICE!  The update resulted in a blue screen error telling me to restore - unfortunately, Windows 10 does not create a restore anymore.  So, I called Windows tech support and went through the first phase of checking to be told my case needed to be upgraded and I would receive a call at 9 a.m. the following morning.  That did not happen so I called them and waited on hold for 45 minutes to be told that the 9 a.m. was actually a 2 hour window and I would receive a call by 11 a.m.  That, also, did not happen.  I discovered that I had purchased the extended service on my desktop when I purchased it at Best Buy.  I made an appointment with them for that afternoon.  They were able to retrieve my files (thank goodness) and I will know today if my hard drive was going bad and caused the issue or if the update had an issue.  With the first option, I will have to get a new hard drive and will lose all my software that was installed.  With the second option, I have a chance of them being able to get my computer back as it was.  Will I make a list of the software and all the purchase keys, etc.?  I hope I do not have to go through all the re-installs, but that will be the process if I do.  You know, when I add software I have the information but then start trying to figure out how to use the software.  I fully intend to print the key codes and put them in a file, and sometimes do.  I know for a fact that I do not have everything I need if I have to reinstall software, but will have enough to get me going!!  

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