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November 2019

The November newsletter has a color challenge chart that will be a part of the "Knotty and Nice" activity in December.  November is a great time to be snug and warm with stitching in hand. I have several projects going at the moment. I am stitching some of the ornaments for the December Holiday Activity “Knotty and Nice” (which should give a hint for the style the ornaments will have). I am working on “Chadivarius” from Nimue and am getting very near to completion on that one. I have a new design in the stitching lineup (I find myself uncertain about the color combination and am studying that project) and have several new design ideas floating around in my head. Again, I am having difficulty deciding on fabric and thread colors for the ornaments. A friend stitched two on “Arctic” color fabric using Waterlilies “Plum” thread and they are gorgeous. I am working on “Doubloon” fabric with a variety of threads from Threadworx. There are just too many beautiful options.
I stopped in to visit Marilyn, at Picture This Plus, last Friday. She showed me the upcoming, new 2020 colors and I managed to scamper away with a piece of the neutral. It seemed the choice for one of my new design ideas, even though it will not be named for the fabric color used as I like to do.
The Halloween activity page in the community was visited, but did not have the participation of an open access page as those I have done in the past. I enjoyed putting together the old pages with a fun graphic and clickable elements. However, the coding has gotten a little more complicated and it takes a lot of time to make a page workable, so I will continue to experiment with the software I use and see how to best compose a future event with the style that has been so popular. I would also like to direct the traffic to the community and engage our friends there. The December activity will be in a “Group” in the Village community. I feel the Halloween activity experiment using a “Page” did not work well as the files were difficult for visitors to locate. Feel free to give your feedback so that I can know how things are working for you.