October 2019 Seasonal Fun


In an attempt to simplify the Village, the Halloween 2019 Activity Page is an actual "page" in the community on TSV. https:stitchersvillage.com/village  Previously, I have coded a web page with clickable links which lead to complimentary charts, drawings, and other stitching fun.  The current acivity page will remain active all month with things being added throughout.  The kick-off is a color challenge with a chart to stitch in any colors you choose.  A drawing is associated with that.  Anyone who posts a portion of the chart stitched under the discussion post in the activity page will be entered into a drawing for a Picture This Plus fabric "orphan".  The newsletter "Stitch This" feature includes a design which was inspired by a television show on the Smithsonian channel called “Mystic Britain” . The show was filming in a very old church and discussing some markings on a wall. They explained that some symbols which are, today, thought to be evil (such as the pentagram) were, in historic times, considered wards against evil.   An intertwining design might capture a demon and keep it there - going round and round.


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