July 2019

This is my first posting of The Stitchers' Village Newsletter as a blog post.  The NL will continue to be available in the newspaper office of the site, but I thought this would make it easier for some to see what is happening on the best needlework site!!

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I spent time in Florida, last month, with my youngest daughter’s family.  A few of the nights, I babysat her 1 and 2 year old children.  There is a huge difference between visiting and being in charge of your grandchildren!  I love them to pieces, but they make me realize very clearly that I am not as young as when I had my children.   I was trying very hard not to say “I am old” there, haha, but I am as old as I have ever been!!

I am happy to announce the upcoming release of a new design “Helix”.   Some of my first designs were based on the fabric color name of the Picture This Plus fabric used for the design.  I have returned to that for some of my recent designs and am having a great time with the creative process.  Included in the chart is a small design that shows my first concept after researching “helix”.  It really made no sense as a stand-alone design, so I set it aside.  I picked up that piece of helix fabric with the original stitching, gave it a bit of thought, and adapted the idea to a Celtic design (which is also what some of my first designs were).   I am also using the “Helix” chart, combining it with a batch of orphan fabrics all very similar, and using different threads for a special Limited Edition Kit “Celtic Mist”.   These will be available as soon as the threads arrive. 

I hope everyone is having a great Summer so far!!   Happy Stitching!  Patty

2019 Collective Stitch

The Collective Stitch is a cross stitch event!  It is a shop hop, mystery stitch, and treasure hunt all rolled in to one!  Each event shop will have a different design created with a specific theme and size.  During the Collective Stitch, visit the event shops to collect their design and stitch any or all of them into a very unique project.  The size is such that they could be stitched in a band sampler.  2020 theme will be “Summer” to complete the season themes.  Yes!  We have a Canadian shop participating this year!!   If you say “my LNS is not participating”, you  should talk to them and encourage them to join next year! For more information, collectivestitch.com

Drawings and Contests

The June drawing winner:  Donna T., NC
Prize:   2019 Collective Stitch Book

The  July drawing will be for a Limited Edition kit “Celtic Mist” from Stitchers’ Village Designs  Entries must be received by 7/31/19 - the winner will be chosen at random from entries  Use the code “Celtic Mist” when you submit the form

Enter by filling out the drawing form HERE      http://www.stitchersvillage.com/library/drawing-form

Stash Alert

X's and Oh's "Possible"


From Nancy’s Needle  “Country Garden”


Fern Ridge Collection "Summer Angel"


Stitch This

I have long been a Swarovski Crystal fan and once upon a time made doll jewelry and sold it on Ebay.  This left me with a collection of crystals and I do like to add them to stitching projects, where suitable. So, I hope that you will “get” this little design and picture the possibilities it might present with the various thread color options combined with some crystals.   Think burst of fireworks with red and blue thread and some sparkly crystals.  The center fits a small cube bead and the outer openings fit bicone beads.

I actually had some little kits called “Crystal Charmers” that were small designs with fabric, thread, and crystals included (see picture below).  I had several “charmer” designs for the display of crystals, buttons, and even old brooches to use as ornaments, etc.  NOTE:  To see further information about this complimentary design, you may wish to view the newsletter pdf




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