Celtic Mist


For quite some time, TSV has had the exclusivity for Picture This Plus fabric "orphans" - dye batches that did not come out as the color intended and are not a part of the color line.  This has come to an end with some changes in the retail side of PTP, but I do still have some on hand and will be offering them as time allows.  Among the fabric orphans I have are a batch that I saved for a special project and have now made use of.  "Celtic Mist" will be a Limited Edition Kit available in the next few weeks (waiting on threads and possible embellishments).  The picture above is the "fresh off of the q-snap" image and I am considering some embellishments.  So, the final cost of the kit has yet to be determined and these will be very few in number.  I might also add that the design used for the kit is being released this month as "Helix" with completely different coloring.  I have mentioned, before, that it is really hard to make decisions on fabric and thread and overall color when preparing a design.  Eventually, a decision must be made.  This LE kit allows me to get around that limitation, just a little bit!!  

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