Flying Fish

2019 bar sunland

My favorite thing on a cruise is my early coffee on the balcony.  I look out at the ocean, relax, and take in the beauty of the morning.  I have hundreds of sunrise/sunset pictures from our trips.  This morning, while standing at the railing, I noticed regular disturbances of flying fish escaping away from the ship.  It is interesting that I do not see more sea life while sailing the Atlantic.  I recall a cruise on a North Atlantic crossing.  It was very early and I was contemplating the myths and legends of the ocean.  I was considering what species might lurk below the surface and suddenly “kraken” came to mind.  It gave a different vibe to the morning coffee, for sure, to think a large creature could snatch me from my balcony with no witness.  Well, I imagine there are ship cameras so I would have been an internet sensation, right?

I am not a regular mani-pedi customer, but treated myself to both this today.  I have been on a break from cello lessons and had allowed my fingernails to grow out for the trip. I may not be a good communicator.  She filed them down to a very short length.  They will be less likely to break, I guess. 

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