Birds at Breakfast

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April 17, 2019 was embarkation day of our cruise Barbados to Lisbon on the Quest.  Our trip actually began Monday afternoon with our drive to Kansas City.  We stayed overnight in KC at the Courtyard Marriott because we would need to be at the airport at 4 a.m. on Tuesday.  Tuesday was a long travel day - KC to MIA, then MIA to Barbados.  The Fairmont staff was there to greet us, however, and expedite through customs.  We have stayed at the hotel before and it is a beautiful property.  A welcome glass of chilled white wine led to a short nap before dinner.  Dinner was at the hotel restaurant.  Micheal had the tuna appetizer and part of my steamed mussels.  We then each had a fish dish - fresh, of course.  Not the frozen that we get at home in Kansas.

Michael went for an early swim before breakfast.  Breakfast was a buffet.  I had a bit of quiche, some fruit and some local coconut bread.  The restaurant was on a terrace of the hotel looking out at the ocean.  As is usual with a tropical, outdoor restaurant, the local birds were flitting around waiting for some crumbs.  Well, they will take what they can get and will land on the table to try.  I was very amused when a family came in with two girls who were both carrying tennis rackets.  One of them noticed and did not seem to like the birds flying around.  I expected, from her behavior, for her to bat at the birds with that racket and I believe it crossed her mind as well. 

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