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March 28, 2019

The designs for the Collective Stitch are gathering in my "to do" box.  Spring is the theme for 2019.  The full list of participating shops will be posted as soon as I feel it is final.  I hate to post a partial list, but may do some next month with a disclaimer "Not the final list - check back". 
To get a complete blog, it is necessary for me to try to go back and move some of the information from previous locations.  Some are lost, but I have copied over some of my blog posts from earlier locations.  If you have looked at the posts, it may seem odd that there are some from 2010 when I took over TSV, but, those were on blogger where I initially started the blog.  Obviously, I have not been very consistent with my blogging.
The site should remain where it is and as it is from now on.  Of course, I say that and then there will be an update that crashes everything. . .