Needlework Abbreviations

Here are some commonly used abbreviations. 

AFAIK - As Far As I Know

BAP - Big Amazing Project /s big a$$ project also ( in less polite company )

BB - Bulletin Board

BBD – Blackbird designs
BF - Blending Filament
BS - Back Stitching
B&MS - Brick & Mortar Shop - an actual shop that may or may not also be online and/or YOUR LNS
CEC - Cross Eyed Cricket

COTM – Color of the Month
CS - Cross Stitch
CSSA- Cross Stitch Startism Anonymous!

DD – Dear Daughter or Dragon Dreams or Dinky Dyes

DF – Dear Father or Dear Friend

DH – Dear Husband

DS – Dear Son or Dear Sister

DW – Dear Wife
ELTWIP - Extremely Long Term Work In Progress

FOTM – Fabric of the Month
Frogging - having to pick out stitches that are wrong
GAST Gentle Arts Sampler Thread

HAED – Heaven and Earth Designs
HD - Hand dyed
HDA - Happy Dance, something you do when you have just finished a project.

HDF – Hand-dyed Fibers

HE – Homespun Elegance
HPI - Holes Per Inch

HTH – Hope That Helps
HTF - Hard To Find

IMHO – In My Humble (Honest) Opinion

IMO – In My Opinion
LHN - Little House Needleworks

LK – Lizzie Kate
LNS - Local Needlework Shop

MH – Mill Hill

MLI – Marilyn Leavit Imblum
NP - Needlepoint
ONS - Online Needlework Shop
OOP - Out Of Print

OT – Off Topic

PIF – Pay It Forward
PIG - Project in a Grocery Sack (Materials Bought but not yet started)

RAK – Random Act of Kindness
RR - Round Robin
SABLE - stash available beyond life expectancy
SAL - Stitch ALong Cross Stitch

SAP – Start another project
SEX - stash enhancement experience ( stash shopping!)
SINS - Stuff I'll Never Stitch
SOS - Stressed Out on Stitching

SSS – Six Strand Sweets

STASH – Personal needlework supplies
SW - Swedish Weaving - aka huck weaving

SWAN – Society of Women Addicted to Needlework

TIA – Thanks In Advance

TIAG – Told In A Garden

TW – Teresa Wentzler
UFO - Unfinished project
WDW - Weeks Dye Works
WIP - Work In Progress

WISP – Work in Slow Progress
XS - Cross Stitch

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