Linda Henry


Design by Liz Turner Diehl, Inc. - with minor changes.  I found it while looking through my patterns for something else, of course.  It seemed to have something to say to me, so I decided to listen.  Here is what I heard:  It was the words in the middle that first caught my attention.  Many of you know how I enjoy words.  I added the word "We", because I didn't think we needed to be reminded to "Believe in the magic of stitching", since many of us, if not all of us, already do.
On the chart, I thought the outer border looked like pine cones, which seemed representative of the part of Canada I call home. After all, I live pretty close to a provincial park called "The Pinery".  So, I chose a soft brown - not wanting a dark colour - and stitched the border.  However, it didn't translate the way I envisioned.  Oh well, now you all know my thinking behind the border.  I stitched four diamonds in the outer corners to represent the value I place on the friendships I have formed here in the Village.  The flowers represent the beauty I see in each and every photo posted in our gallery.  We often give flowers as expressions of encouragement and inspiration; and so these flowers also represent the encouragement and inspiration TSV members offer each other.  The little opal bead centers represent the gems of wisdom I have harvested from my TSV friends and fellow members.  The many hearts represent the passion felt and demonstrated by our TSV members for all aspects and styles of stitching.  I added the butterfly - a symbol of friendship - since that is the essence of TSV - friendship through a shared passion for needleplay!  The flag was designed by, and used with the permission of, Thea Dueck.