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Each image below links to a different element of the event.  Click an image and you will be taken to a separate page with information about the activity.  

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 butterflyorangeOf course, there is a drawing!!  Click the butterfly to go to the form and use the code:  Summer 2020   The prize will be a mystery cross stitch grab bag.

Have you visited The Stitchers' Village "Tinker's Wagon"?  Sales from our shop help to keep the site up and running!!  As I will not be attending the scheduled retreats this year, I am in the process of adding the items.  The "Tinker" reference is from the re-do of the TSV site.  It indicates that I do not wish to be a full time shop, but that I attend retreats and shows and will list merchandise remaining.  I recently switched to using Etsy as my platform because of the difficulties in maintaining accurate shipping rates, etc. on the platform I had been using.  

Please check for additions in the next week here:  tinker


Are you familiar with The Stitchers' Village Community?  This is the only password protected area of the site.  For those of you long-time Villagers, you may remember the first platform introduced back in 2010.  This allowed for members to have a profile where they could share pictures of their stitching projects.  When it became necessary to move away from that platform, it has taken several incarnations to get back to a very similar format.  Please visit and participate in our friendly, stitching community.  Originally, there was a no links policy, but that has gone away.   You are free to create a page with items you make for sale if they are stitching related.  You may share links to videos if you have a vlog.   We need your input!!  I understand that there are many options online, but none are dedicated to stitching where you do not need to wade through all the nonsense to find needlework related content!!

Take a look at the current community "Where the Villagers are Friendly" teashoppe

A new element of this activity page is the video get togethers we will host every evening at 7 p.m. Central Time.  The 7/13 gathering will include the Mini Speed Stitch Competition.  Please feel free to join us as a spectator for that competition and an update on what is happening with the Biscornu Competition!  Click the image below for the link to the 7/13/20 gathering at 7 pm Central Time.



"Impressions 2" will be released August 1, 2020.  This is a 140x140 design with a "Quaker" inspiration.  "Impressions 1 was a Celtic inspired design.  The sneak peek image below links to Impressions 1

Coming soon from The Stitchers' Village Designs "Impressions 2"  Imp2


Questions, comment, suggestions?  Fill out the contact form from the menu at top!!  Thank you for visiting!!

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